So what are the “constants” I know I could count on in this time? What is your response? 

Music is life 

So I hope you haven’t been in Seattle or somewhere else in the world where it’s really hot latlely. Especially for those of you are not used to hot weather (I am one of those people). Washington is experiencing a heat wave, with record 100+ degree temps. Now depending on where you live, the community has a certain common sense systems in place determined by the geographical and meter-graphical constance. Hence if it snows where you live, chances are your state and local government have plows and other ER items at the ready. If you live in Hell (Arizona) or worse, chances are most every house has AC and or a pool. 

Enter the PNW.-EVERY residence has a fireplace and or a furnace/heater.  The ave. high temp is 78 and low temp is 52. So our piece of emerald city has no built in AC for days like today or snow plows for extreme weather. Which I mention bellow, happens all the time. 

This place is either an ADHD dream or nightmare. Things change here constantly. And leading the way is the PNW convergence zone. DON DA DA DA! 

Cold from Canada, moisture from the Sound, heat from eastern Washington and a cluster of mountain ranges, forests and islands. With all that spinning around it can be a bit like being on the Tilt-A-Whirl. I mentioned before that two weeks into living here, I was sitting on the bus going home and it was both sunshine/blue skies AND hailing at the same time! So the weather can lead to some attention issues. 

The rain and the overcast can add to your lack of focus. Being stuck in doors with so many creative and fun things to do, I end up frozen, feeling bad that I didn’t do anything. 

My mind thinks about people and ideas and things all day. So many things intrest me. First and for most is my lord and savior, my family. Music is attached at the hip. Legos, bands, social media marketing, food, food shows. Don’t get me started on shows like Handmade’s tale etc. Mostly my concentration struggles center within the inner workings of the first two with Legos being my go to happy place for stress and anxiety surrounded by the feelings I mentioned earier. 

Listening to music is cathartic for me. My brain is a 666 Tb hard drive filed with music, music trivia and movie quotes. The Yin/Yang of it is, the hard drive is really an iPod from the 90’s and the shuffle button is stuck on. It may call up a song from anywhere and I’ll hear it instantly but it won’t be complete. Only 15 secs of it. Now I have to find and listen to it.** 

Writing and recording music gives me happiness in other way. I love playing my guitar. I always come up with a cool riff or song effect. I have come a long way since I started songwritting again about 7 years ago. I have a much easier time putting pieces together and writing basic verse/chorus song structures than I used to. I am working to put a system of tools together so I can manage all the thing I want and need to get done. I’m not the best I can be pulled in so many directions and then hating myself for it. 

Shout out to Steve Jobs and all the innovators that said f*ck that, I want to listen to every song any where I go. Slap clap women and men of forward thinking, tech and science. 

Next time: 

It’s HOT dummy!!

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