Did I follow through and do my deep dive? I did not....trying again.

Music is life!!

---Do you realize how incredible it is that you’re still nice to people? People have screwed you over, they’ve broken your heart, and made you so angry. People have stabbed you in the back, yet you’re still kind?! You still give a f*ck about people? Really? Hey, YOU ARE DIFFERENT! People act out of anger! People like to get revenge! And you’re still choosing to be kind to people? Still willing to go out of your way for people. Don’t ever think your kindness is a bad thing. Continue to be kind, you’re different. You’re a gift.---

I am paraphrasing from a tiktok video I saw this morning because it hit me so profoundly. Think of the track record humans have towards one another. The #1 threat to humans is humans themselves. And I don’t just mean physically. Verbally and emotioanlly as well. 

So, you can see why this video stopped me in my routine and caused me to change my course. I am nice to most people, and I genuinely want people to be happy and safe. I don’t wish for conflict or harbor any ill will towards others, even if the’ve hurt me or treated me poorly. I simply do not have them be a part of my  life. I know some relationships are inevitable however I don’t usually have it alter much of the time I have to be near them. 

I don’t  feel I am better than anyone because I don’t constantly think about people who have hurt me or that I don’t like. I’m am truly fascinated by people that have the time in their thoughts and daily life to bother with me or something I may have done or said, god knows how long ago. I do know my ADD helps a lot with not holding grudges. I simply forget about them once it’s replaced with 1 million new thoughts. 

Back to the beginning sentiment, All the hatred, and bitterness. All the pain, and heartbreak and I am still nice to people and I give a fuck about their happiness. But why? Is it really just the ADD saving me from so much resentment? Is it folded into my ADD? Is it my upbringing and the lesson of the golden rule, Do unto others as you would have done to you.  Not even religious it’s a good idea. What goes around comes around, right. 

Is it simply cause I don’t like to be treated badly so I hope by treating others well they will return the favor? 

It’s a very interesting concept, humanity. 

I recall another video I saw that talked about a person wearing a Star Trek t-shirt. they were asked “why Star Trek?” Out of all the SyFy universes, why that one? The response blew me away. He said that all the other universes  were portrayed  as dystopian, full of war and suffering. People winning at all costs. Followed by killing and destruction. 

But Star Trek was the only one where we decided to work together on earth to keep peace and prosperity and then we traveled the galaxies to help others. WE CHOSE PEACE!! 

My point is, we do better when we are kind. we are stronger together. And no matter how much we have been hurt and mistreated, if you’re still kind to others, you’re a gift. 

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