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Music is life. 

Have you ever done something, a task, a skill or job for a long period of time only to discover something that makes you feel like a total noob? I don't know why but I held off changing the strings on my guitar for so long. Song long in fact, that I forgotten how long it had been. Does that make sense? They weren’t giving me problems so they weren’t in my mind. Another ADD trait I am learning about. My mind put things into two categories ¨Now, Not now.¨ Sometimes I forget where I put things. 

I love my Jericho Fusion guitar! It’s my all black monster and it plays like a dream. It’s the first guitar I have owned that has locking headstock tuners. That’s what drew me to this ridiculous fact, I have not changed the strings since I bought it. That’s a testament to the quality Jericho has. Still stays in tune and it sounds great. This was my first time changing the strings on a locking turner and I have to say, they’re is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking some up. lol 

MAN it took me 10 min start to finish and I was in tune and ready to go! No holding the string out and wrapping it 3 times BS. Just Pull, Tighten, Tune! Are you friggin kidding me?!!! I would’ve change my strings every week if I knew it was this easy. And of course, no surprise, they sound so much better than before. I know duh! I don’t know why I waited so long 

I do have an exciting update. I spoke with an ADD coach that helps adults manage an ADD brain. Exactly what I need. It seems like a good fit, so I have made progress towards my deep dive into what is important in my life and what I can let slide. My ¨Now, Not now¨ brain just needs to be reformatted. 

One thing I discovered during our call, is what I am really after in all this. Its not to change my life or to make my life better. Rather, I want to be better inside my life. I want to participate fully and be efficient in my tasks. I want to be counted on to do what I set out to do and what I say I will do. I want to be able to tell the difference between wanting to do something and being willing to do something. All based on what I want in life; happiness, peace, love and music. 

I am encouraged by a big step towards fully being the best me, on my terms. No affirmation mantras, no pretending everything is awesome when I need help, no weekly meetings! 

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Should I open an online store?

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