That's some great advice, man. 

That's some great advice, man. 

Do you ever see things click into place right in front of you? Have you been working on something for a long time, questioning everyday if you got what it takes, wresting with your own self worth, then all of a sudden you notice a small light in the darkness? Some hard work and patience is paying off…. 

If you have been following thus far, and thank you to those that are here(even silently), you know G.R.P. Goat Rock Productions, have been online now for over a year. It is the brainchild of myself and Sean Lucas, my musical life-partner. lol Growing up in Northern California, we would often travel to Goat Rock beach. Sean always said that he wanted to watch the world end sitting on top of Goat Rock. I beautiful sight indeed. 

When we reconnected a few years back, we started Goat Rock as a place to produce and release our own music colaboration. As we moved forward it became apartment that G.R.P.  could be bigger than we ever imagined. 

(I saw an amazing band, Celia, perform at Tony V’s Garage in Everett, WA. They were incredible! They could have been huge but they had ZERO online presence. And even if they did, try Googling the name Celia. Even “Celia music” or “Celia band”. Go ahead try it. I’ll wait. 


Back? Impossible to find anything through all the latin crooners and soloists? Right. That opened the door for the flood gate of ideas to interrupt my LIFE!!!) 

My calling is to help people. My chosen form is music. I am also an amazing storyteller. lol We realized music is bigger than us. We are but a few, in a vast sea of amazing artists. Artists that, if things continue, will probably never be able to touch anyone with their music. Everything G.R.P. does is FOR THE MUSIC!! 

Remember that little light in the darkness? From before? Remember? Ok good. Sean has a very demanding life and job. He has been forced to travel during this pandemic 4 days out of 7. He has had time to write and record music and that has been his only availability. Now the light from before…. 

His schedule has opened to the point where he can contribute time and his valuable experience to G.R.P. once again. Sean and I spoke over the weekend and it all just clicked into place. All cylinders are turning on. I am so excited to add his fire to mine. 


So welcome to G.R.P. 


We develop a social media identity for musicians by providing the highest quality resources with a grassroots experience.  We are fans first, promoting and sharing your passion with the world, through storytelling. 


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