Just in time for back to school!


It’s the middle of  August and we here in Washington prepare for another heatwave. We’re talking high 90’s! Are things starting to close again where you are? The heat was supposed to bring ‘Vid numbers down but they seem to be getting high again. I am excited for the Fall and all the great sounds and smells. Tradition has us in better moods and bottoming down for the cold winter. 

G.R.P. Is really looking forward to all the great artists we will get to share with you this Fall. As we build our company presence by sharing your music through storytelling. How cool? We get to become part of a circular plan. By helping others share and grow their music, we are shared and grow as well. 

Hey, I’ve got a question. when you play venue, when you have to haul your gear to and from the van and the backstage loading door (up 3 flights of stairs, passed the kitchen and around the bar to the stage),  would you rather have someone you know help you or would you trust the crew at the venue? I get sometimes you might not have a choice. The bigger and more successful you get, the less practice it get anyway. Do you the think Metallica  get up out of their wheel chairs to help load up a Marshall stack? Well maybe Lars. That guy never stops moving. lol 

Recently, pre Covid, I was lucky to help my favorite local band unload and set up at The Hard Rock in Seattle. It was awesome to be able to help and be a part of the chaos. When I was playing in bands, we had a few guys that were super eager to be there and help. They are the “true fans” that are there FOR THE MUSIC. The music has effected them and changed their lives to the point that even getting to load a huge Ampeg bass amp with a locked caster in the rain with the lead singer is as much fun as seeing them onstage.

Loading the gear, as much of a pain in the ass as it can be, is just part of the game. We do it as part of the job. While I always loved help from those that were willing to help, I get having a group of paid (hopefully) professionals take care of your loading and set up so I just had to keep track of my own person items might be helpful. Being able to relax and get into character back stage? Hanging out with fans and family beforehand? Or did breaking your back and ankles lugging crap around part of what makes you an artist. Adds to your experience and the “struggle”? ?lol 

So, would you rather have someone you know help you or would you trust the crew at the venue?

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