Fall plans?

Music is life-For the Music!!! 

Ok now. How the heck are? Have you made it through another week? Anyone tired of the “Fall plans/Delta Variant” memes? I have to say that even with the bubble I have constructed to keep out nonsense and ridiculous human behavior, I am getting fatigued by the prospect of another big HALT in our lives due to a ‘Rona variant. I will say that G.R.P. is situated in the right place if we do lockdown again, as we push for our BIGGEST FALL YET!! 

Have you ever felt guilty because you realize one day that it’s been a long time since you spoken to someone? Someone relatively consistent in your life but you don’t see everyday like a coworker etc. You think to call or reach out but you get distracted and before you know it, it’s been a few weeks. I know what that’s like too. 

As a person with ADD, if something or someone isn’t right in front of me, that person or thing does not exist in my world. At least not at that time. HOWEVER, at the same time, those same people and ideas are circling around in back of my brain all day. I would think, I wonder if this person is thinking about me too? Are they upset or disappointed with me because I haven’t called? I can really beat myself up about it and that can add anxiety to reconnecting. Recently I have come to a very freeing conclusion, the phone works both ways. And people are probably not thinking about me the way I think about other people. 

I can see its has a tie to ”the fear of missing out” for me. I’m so wrapped up in my own life and in my head that I may go WAY longer than intended before reaching out to someone, simply because I forgot to stick my head out of the sand and grab some air. It’s never intentional,  it’s complicated.  I believe that communication is the most important thing in any relationship, so I strive to make sure I am understood and try not to hold back bringing something up cause I know in the end, it will just waste time in the when I need to fix it. 

My first appointment with the ADD coach has already started to prove itself a good investment. The system I spoke about before and the tools the coach is giving me have already yielded success. But it’s not without me getting in my own way again and sabotaging the plan. However I pushed through and I am getting stronger everyday I stay consistant. 

See you next time….


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