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Do you know the difference between a project and a task? Of course you probably know the definitions but how often do you use them interchangeably? Probably without even noticing. Turns out I do it all the time. This was pointed out to me by my fantastic ADD coach. As I started to populate my system, adding ideas of things I want to accomplish in the key areas of my life, I realized I was starting to get overwhelmed again. I was having fun creating the “system spreadsheet” however, implementing it, I came face to face with the same dread and anxiety as before. 

What happened? I thought this would work as easily as it had before in the restaurant. Well duh, that was almost 20 years ago. I am a much different person than I was then. Shoot, even from a year ago. I have been through a lot and it has been a struggle sometimes to remember that and not tear myself down for that. So how can expect it to be the same? At least 100%? The main issue, I was confusing Project with Task. I am now able to examine each item and break it down into steps(task) if need be. If takes more than one step, it’s a project. 

I am also building small healthy habits into my day. I walk and meditate in the morning and then I do a random task around the house. I have found that if I keep myself busy with little mundane projects around the house give me the little “breaks” I need to take the pressure off of finishing the entire task at once and lets me reorder my thoughts so I can come back to it, if I want to, with a purpose. 

I am designing the process from the ground up. Are there gonna be some hiccups? Yes. Are some feelings and expectations going to need to be examined? Sure. What’s needed now is patience, help, and understanding from my environment and the community I am a part of. I am grateful that I have an amazing partner and wife. And amazing kids as well. 

One more thought be fore I go. I heard an interesting analogy. If you’re a creative person but the thing you like creating takes more of your energy to produce than the energy that’s generated by completing the creation, you’re less likely to create as often and may possibly resent the thing altogether and quit. Thats my songwriting to a tee! Whats awesome is, know this about myself I can now adjust and stockpile energy levels  for the time during the creative process. Small victories. LET’S DO THIS!!! 

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