Moving forward...


Hello friend, are you there? Just nod if you can hear me. I am pretty excited to be in the space I am in today. For a long time I have wanted to really define for myself what directional roll I want to take with G.R.P.. The mission has always been for and about the music. Not for hype or self promotion, 100% for the music. The focus is centered around local (+local to you) artists and musicians that are creating amazing music in the new era of online promotions and marketing. So many that will never be heard or used as fuel for the lives of others unless they have a chance to be seen and experienced by people other than close friends and family. 

I want to tell the stories of their musical discoveries, masteries, struggles and inventions! I want to anchor those stories to their music and create an extended family, of fans and supporters to bring the world to their doorstep to camp out for awhile. In the past I have been inundated with ideas of how to do this and I only just now have it so I am gonna share it with you. 

Imagine a place where you could go to find out about local artists and musical creatives from the artists themselves. There would be, new music reviews, tips and and tricks on how to promote and develop your brand, “How to” gear reviews and tutorials. Up to date band news, releases and tour/show details. PLUS, a lot of the content is recorded by the artists themselves, giving you bonus opportunities to see and interact with new and favorites alike. Would you ever want to leave that place? I know I wouldn’t! lol 

It is this vision that I am calling “For The Music”, that I am launching in the coming weeks, little by little, online. The first evolution being an online “show” with a companion e-newsletter. I am super excited to move G.R.P. forward in the direction it was always headed. Keep an eye out for news and more special announcements. 

Thanks for listening and as always, 


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