The journey forward.....


Hello friend I'm glad you're back. I'm excited about the upcoming weeks and putting the final touches on plans for my new show, “For The Music”. So I thought this week I would give you an example of what you can expect from the show. 

My goal is to keep it under five minutes every week. I will have a companion E-newsletter for fans and supporters. 

The first section will be;

  • Upcoming news, events and appearences 
  • News from the road-Gig and show updates 
  • Behind the scenes clips in the studio, in the van, backstage, etc. all from local unsigned artists. 

Second section is local music spotlight; 

  • Album reviews 
  • Release dates and information. 
  • Recording tips and gear reviews from local artists. 

Section three is all about opinion and rant. 

  • Nightmares from the road. 
  • Rate or roast your social media presence. 
  • Online “guru” fact checking. 

Section four is all about how to improve your social media presence and understanding why storytelling and social media presence and consistency are  more important then email and Spotify playlist. 

This is type of topics I want to start exploring and the structure in which I would like to produce content. I will be working with local musicians and social media professionals to ensure accurate and useful resources for those artists that want to bring their music to more people, using a skill they already have, storytelling, to achieve organic, long-lasting success. 

The point is and always has been about the music. Showing how to get out of our own way, dusting off the cobwebs of old school music promotion and thinking and realizing that, until someone cares about you they won’t care about your music. Get them to be interested in you and they will stick with you for life. 

Thanks for listening. And as always, 


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