I’m back baby!! LET’S ROCK  \m/ \m/ 


It’s me, your old friend. Remember me? We used to talk every wednesday about music and life, and it was so much fun! I looked forward to our weekly checkin’s. I liked that, maybe our time together was one light, positive thing in your day and that makes me smile. 🙂 

I have missed our time over this last year. I wanted to reach out but there was a lot going on. Thank you for being patient, I hope you’re still happy and healthy. So with that said….. 

I’m back baby!! LET’S ROCK  \m/ \m/ 


Whew, what a year! Covid-19, Trump-surrection, and  Monkeypox aside, My world was turned upside down. The pressure of writing an album, blog, being webmaster, producer, and content manager proved to be too many hats. So like any good ADHD personality, I quit everything. LoL Sounds so weird saying that now, but that's what I did. I shut down and the release was incredible. 

My job at OHC was shit show. Between September and December of 2021 my department went from nine employees to one, me. The two managers above me left, then the rest of my department put in their notice. I stayed on to assist in the transition and was systematically ignored and resented for my persistence in trying to communicate and rebuild the department. Then the only REAL reason I stayed on, the work from home flexibility option, was recinded. I needed out but before I could find a new job and give my notice, I was “laid-off”. And by that I mean I was given 30 minutes to clean out my desk, leave my work laptop(with personal documents), and was escorted from the building. After three years, having the last bit of company “tribal” knowledge. 

This hit me like a death in the family, after the first few days of WTF? The worst part is, there is no closure. All the new employees that I helped train and offered my assistance to and old friends from other departments that were still hanging in there, ALL have blocked and ignored all comunication. I went through all five stages of grief. I am now pulling into the new station, in the new area of my life. 

One thing that has never left me is #forthemusic. Now with some new found freedom and new possibilities, I get to take some time and revisit what I love, talking about music. My son Julian is a huge music nerd too. More than me actually cause he’s played at Benaroya Hall, twice. Like me he listens to every type of music from Duke Ellington to Tame Impala and N.W.A. to Three Days Grace. Its his musical interests that has me so excited to start making content again. 

So “For The Music” is happening! The first series will be a reaction style, album review showdown.  We each pick an album neither of us have heard. We have a week to listen to our given album and then we do the video. With a thirty year difference in age, the outside influences of his mom's house and school, this should be a good battle. I can’t wait to discover and share with you. 

This story is just unfolding. I am still in the process of finding a job and looking for my dream career choice. I plan to take you along for the journey, if you like. I promise you’ll enjoy the story. 


David Ussery DVS 


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